Toenail Fungus Treatment Options

Toenail Fungus Treatment OptionsNail fungus can be hard to treat because the infection may recur. There are several different treatment options available. These include over-the-counter antifungal nail creams and ointments such as ZetaClear. However, if you have athlete’s foot (tinea pedis) along with toenail fungus you should consult your doctor for complex treatment as the athlete’s foot is treated with topical medication while nail fungus alone can be treated with both topical and oral medications.

Treatment with oral medications

The doctor may recommend an antifungal drug to treat toe nail fungus. Lamisil (terbinafine) and Sporanox (itraconazole) have shown to be the most effective oral treatments in clinical studies trials.

You will be likely prescribed oral medication if you have:

- Diabetes or other risk factors related to cellulitis;

- History of cellulitis;

- Pain or experience discomfort;

- Unsightly infection.

Such medications allow for the growth of a new nail without infection, which will slowly replace the affected nail. Normally you are advised to take medications for 1 to 3 months, but don’t expect an immediate result. You will see the final result of the treatment when the nail grows back. This may take up to six months before the infection gets eliminated completely. Repeated infections are possible if you continue to expose your toes to warm and moist environments.

Antifungal medications may have side effects which include skin rashes and even a liver damage. Patients with liver disease or heat failure are normally recommended different toenail fungus treatment.

Other fungus treatments

The dermatologist may suggest the following toe nail fungus treatments which depend on severity of your infection:

Antifungal lacquer. Mild to moderate nail fungal infections can be treated with an antifungal nail polish Penlac (ciclopirox). You apply it onto an infected nail or nails and surrounding skin daily just like normal polish. The substance gets absorbed into the nail killing the fungi bacteria. After a week, wipe the nails clean with alcohol and repeat the process. Regular use of Penlac has demonstrated great results in treatment of toe nail fungus infections.

Topical medications. Your doctor may prefer to prescribe topical medications in combination with oral medications. He may advise you to use over-the-counter creams with lotion based on urea that speeds up absorption. The doctor may also cut the surface of your nail to decrease the infected area which requires treatment and increase the effectiveness of topical medications.

Surgery. In severe cases of fungal infections which become painful, you may be suggested to remove the nail. Once the nail is removed, a new nail free of infection begins to grow in its place. Although, it will come in very slowly and may take up to 12 months to replace the original nail. Surgery can be used in conjunction with ciclopirox polish for the nail bed treatment.

The latest nail fungus treatment available today, that proved to be successful, is laser therapy (photodynamic therapy). During the therapy the infected nail is treated with an acid and then irradiated with intense light. The new treatment may not be available in your area…

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Toe Nail Fungus

The definition

Toe Nail FungusNail fungal infection is caused when fungi infects one of your nails and later spreads to more of them. An infection of nail fungus may occur as white or yellow spots under the edge of finger nail or toe nail. As the infection spreads across the nail, it may cause the nail to change color, get thicker and develop rough tips – an unpleasant and potentially dangerous condition.

The fungal infection may require complex cure and may reoccur. A number of medications, including toe nail fungus home remedies are available to help cure the problem.

Nail fungus symptoms

 A nail fungus infection – called onychomycosis – is characterized by one or more of the following factors:

- Nail thickening;

- Ragged edges;

- Lack of shine;

- Darkened color.

Affected by fungus infection nails may separate from the surface – a condition called onycholysis. It may be accompanied by pain in the toes or finger tips as well as have bad odor. 

What causes nail fungus?

 Fungi is a microscopic organism that thrives in dark environments. Some fungi are beneficial to the body while others cause infection and even illness.

Nail fungal infections are generally contain fungus of dermatophytes group. However, yeasts and molds can also cause such infections.

These microscopic organisms don’t need sunlight to live, instead they prefer warmth and moisture. That is why swimming pools and showers present the perfect environment for their growth. The fungi can get into your skin through small cuts and separation between nail and nail bed. They begin to spread only if your feet are regularly confined in warm and moist environment.

Toe nail fungus is more common than fingernail one because toenails are often exposed to the environment inside your shoes where fungi can easily survive. Another reason might be the reduced blood circulation to your toes, especially when you wear tight shoes, when compared to your fingers – this makes it harder for the immune system to recognize and combat the infection.

What are the risk factors?

Fungal infection is more common among older generations for a number of reasons, that include diminished blood circulation and longer exposure to fungi. Men are more susceptible to the infection than women, particularly those with a family history related to the fungus.  As nails grow slower and thicker they become more vulnerable to the infection too.

Several other factors can contribute to the risk of developing finger or toenail fungus:

- Heavy perspiration;

- Work in high humidity;

- Psoriasis;

- Shoes without ventilation and socks without perspiration absorption;

- Barefoot walking in public places;

- Athlete’s foot;

- Skin or nail injury;

- Diabetes and weakened immune system.

Any possible complications?

An infection of nail fungus can be painful and permanently damage your nails. It may cause other infections that go beyond the feet if your immune system is suppressed by medications or health conditions.

Fungal infections of nail pose even more serious threat to people with AIDS, diabetes, leukemia or organ transplant. In cases of diabetes, your blood circulations to your feet can be impaired. With fungus you are at the greater risk for cellulitis, which is a serious bacterial skin infection. Therefore, any injury to the feet – such as toe fungus – can escalate into a more serious disease. Consult your doctor if you suspect fungal infection.

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Treat Toenail Fungus Systematically

Treat Toenail Fungus Systematically Nail fungus is unattractive, embarrassing, uncomfortable and potentially hazardous if left untreated. Toenail fungus affects millions of people each year. But, you can eliminate this distressing condition using a methodical and effective approach to treating nail fungus.

Now’s the time to call in a powerhouse known as the ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment.

Clinically proven, this simple-to-use system can reverse the effects and your nail fungus condition will show dramatic improvement in weeks. But, what are the main benefits of ZetaClear?

* ZetaClear does more than just treat toenail fungus and its visible symptoms. It is a complete system designed to work in conjunction with your body in treating nail fungus and eliminating the fungus infection.

* Using a unique holistic approach, ZetaClear combines both an oral and topical solution that quickly returns the nails on your hands and feet to their prior beauty. Uncommon, this two-step approach attacks a nail fungus from an internal and external standpoint. The best news is that your nails will start to look healthier in as little as two weeks.

* ZetaClear’s components are holistic in nature, natural and specifically combined in just the right dosage in order to achieve maximum results. This allows for toenail fungus treatment in a safe and effective way.

* Comprised of a homeopathic spray and topical gel, ZetaClear is free of toxic chemicals that may cause dangerous or harmful side effects.

* ZetaClear’s track record is solid and its high success rate is backed by countless testimonials.

For additional information about the ZetaClear Nail Fungus Treatment and to learn how to treat nail fungus visit their website at:

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Complete Treatment For Toenail Fungus

Treatment For Toenail Fungus I get a lot of questions from subscribers and among the top inquiries is:

“What is the best and quickest treatment for toenail fungus?”

Asking about a nail fungus treatment is an honest and frank question that is certainly reasonable… but, it takes a short and long response in order to answer it properly.

The short answer and my personal recommendation for toenail fungus treatment is:

Zetaclear System

And, now, not later is better!

If this is a little too short for your liking, keep reading. If my recommendation works for you then get going by clicking on the link above.

If you need further more complete explanation on a specific toe nail fungus treatment, here we go.

The complex nature of nail fungus makes a single answer difficult. The state of your health is a main consideration and the vast number of treatments available on today’s market makes confusion a certainty.

I’ll be going over several available options and will emphasize which treatment I feel has the best chances of achieving success.

Here are the four different treatment types you can consider:

1. Doctor prescribed medications

After checking your condition, your physician will give you a prescription medication as a nail fungus treatment. Sadly, this condition is difficult to treat with traditional prescriptions. These drugs are effective about 50 percent of the time and most have a number of serious potential side effects.

Give some serious consideration before trying this type of toenail fungus treatment. More often than not, prescription medications cause more harm and complications than they do good.

2. Laser Treatment

Our last email correspondence went over this one. The short answer is the cost for laser treatments, as a nail fungus treatment, is high and remains in its infant stages. On top of that, this particular nail fungus treatment is usually ineffective and quite painful.

Laser treatments would my last option only after I had tried everything else and if it fit in my budget. Otherwise, check out a few other treatments that would be less costly that would take care of your condition.

3. Home Remedies

Treatments based on old wives tales have been around for centuries, just about anything can be cured with everyday ingredients that can be found in most households. Chlorine bleach, beer, Listerine, vinegar, essential oils like tea tree, lavender and oregano and Vicks VapoRub top the list for toenail fungus cure.

There’s no shortage of tales touting the success of these methods, but generally they are ineffective for a variety of reasons:

* They usually have to be continued for months at a time. With today’s lifestyle, this becomes time consuming, not to mention difficult, when it has to be done daily, often several times a day.

* Products like tea tree oil and chlorine bleach can be potentially hazardous, dangerous and pose side effects.

* Toenail fungus home remedies or do-it-yourself cures rarely work, and while temporary relief may be achieved the condition will usually reoccur if the underlying cause is not addressed.

You can certainly give these remedies a try, but chances are you’ll be wasting your time along with your money on false cures.

4. Natural Over-The-Counter therapies

Many natural products, used as a toenail fungus treatment, are available through your local drug store, internet or health food store. These treatments contain natural and effective ingredients that eliminate the worry of potential side effects.

But, all holistic therapies or treatments do not stand on equal footing, and anytime you use a nail fungus treatment and put a product on your nails you should do your research and use caution.

At this point in time, our recommendation for the best and most effective over-the-counter treatment is:

Zetaclear System

So, my straightforward response to a straightforward question asking for the best and fastest way to get rid of toenail fungus is using the Zetaclear System. I also recommend that you faithfully use the system for a minimum of three months. This will take care of the fungus and give you peace of mind that a reoccurrence doesn’t take place. For severe conditions a five or six month timeframe may be needed.

And, my final piece of today’s advice: Don’t delay, get started today!

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Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment

Toenail Fungus Laser Treatment Are you familiar with the new toenail fungus laser treatment?

If you are, it’s fairly obvious that this treatment is favored by podiatrists and has been touted as a miracle toenail fungus treatment. It’s often described as easy, painless, fast and as a tangible resolution for unattractive and unsightly nail fungus.

It seems plausible, but does laser treatment for toenail fungus work?

This new approach to treating nail fungus became available during 2010. Laser energy is focused directly at the area of infection and, in theory, kills any fungus without damaging the nail or skin around the nail.

Toenail fungus laser treatments have increased the hopes of individuals suffering from this condition. But, an extensive examination has discovered a few potential disadvantages that each consumer should explore before deciding to choose this type of toenail fungus treatment:

* Initial treatments typically begin at $1,000, with any subsequent treatments averaging around $500. In certain situations three to four follow up treatments may be necessary. This increases the total cost to close to $3,000!…and, to date, most insurance carriers will not provide coverage for this type of treatment.

* Each treatment is approximately 30 minutes long, but there are no promises that a recurrence will not happen in a week, month or six months down the road. On top of that, most patients have experienced a waiting period of at least six months before a healthy nail completely grows out.

* Most people are under the impression that these treatments are pain free and have no side effects. But, the opposite seems to be true for a large percentage of patients that reported a high level of pain during the procedure.

One patient said it this way:

I opted for the laser treatment of toenail fungus. I had to have two separate treatments and each treatment was extremely uncomfortable and painful. The written literature and the doctor both indicated I could expect to feel a slightly “warm” sensation once the laser hit my nail. But, the feeling was more like someone was using a blowtorch and it was all I could do to sit still. On top of that, the first toenail fungus treatment was less than successful and I ended up taking an orally prescribed medicine anyway.

It seems like a losing proposition when you pay thousands of dollars for a procedure and still end up taking a prescription drug.

One thing is for certain, it’s not necessary to believe everything you hear about laser treatments as a 21st century cure for nail fungus.

Considering the fact that these laser treatments are still in their infancy and very expensive, I can’t recommend a course of action potentially costing thousands until the end results have been clinically proven.

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Funginix Coupon Club

Funginix Coupon There are more great ideas that will help eliminate toenail fungus.

Not too long ago I discussed a holistic product that has an above-average track record for successfully treating nail fungus called Funginix.

If you’re headed to the Funginix website take a minute to look for the field titled “apply coupon code.”

If you’re like most people, getting a 10 to 20 percent discount probably sounds appealing.

And, you’re probably wondering where to find the most recent Funginix coupon with a confirmed code that can be used for your order.

There are hundreds of internet sites that offer thousands of coupons, BUT … the only way to get a valid code for Funginix is as a valid member of the Funginix Coupon Club.

To become a valid member click here:

Funginix Coupon Club

Joining is simple, just enter a current and valid email address and you will receive a response indicating a useable coupon code. Keep in mind; however, that the waiting time for a response can vary, but if your luck holds out you can get it within hours. But, the typical rule of thumb is that is can take anywhere from 24 hours to several weeks.

So, what’s your next step?

Do you have the patience to sit and wait until you receive an email with a valid code? Or, will you forfeit your option and go ahead and get an order placed?

Before you make a decision, think about the severity of your fungus. Getting toenail fungus treatment as soon as possible will keep the infection in check and prevent it from getting worse. This means your condition will be cured quickly without the wait. The longer you put treatment on hold, the worse the condition becomes and the more expensive and difficult it is to treat and cure.

Now, this certainly doesn’t mean that joining the Funginix Coupon Club is a bad idea. As a member you will still receive the benefits of the club offers, if not today, then during your next order. Go ahead and sign up and give it 24 hours. If, at the end of 24 hours your coupon code has not arrived, it’s a good idea to take the necessary action to improve your condition and your health. Delaying treatment is not the answer.

Click Here for Funginix Web Site

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ZetaClear Vs Funginix

ZetaClear Funginix Today’s market contains thousands of non-prescription products designed to cure nail fungus, and each and every one of them claims to offer the greatest benefits and the most effective cure.

Two products, Funginix vs. Zetaclear, lead the debate and this is one conversation worth paying attention to since both have been reported successful treatment results.

Click on the following link for additional educational material regarding Funginix:

Funginix Review

Click on the following link for additional educational material regarding Zetaclear:

ZetaClear Review

In the Funginix vs Zetaclear debate, both products contain holistic and natural ingredients that eliminate the concern regarding potentially dangerous side effects. Definitely a boon when these are compared to the thousands of over-the-counter and prescription drugs containing toxic and man-made ingredients that are known to create hazardous and potentially life threatening side effects.

Each product has a sterling reputation, exceptional customer service and a guaranteed money back policy if you are unsatisfied.

On top of this, we’ve done our own Funginix vs Zetaclear research and found each product is exceptionally high on the list of effective products, although at the time of this writing, Zetaclear was slightly ahead of Funginix.

Our current recommendation is Zetaclear. We were impressed with the oral AND topical approach. This product doesn’t just mask the symptoms; it works on eliminating the root cause by attacking the infection from the inside out.

Additional information regarding Zetaclear can be found here:

Where to Buy Zetaclear

While we recommend Zetaclear, we were also impressed with the track record of Funginix. Funginix is an effective and viable alternative if there is some reason you don’t feel Zetaclear is for you.

Several individuals became test subjects for funginix, following are a few testimonials:

1. Jane residing in California

For the past two months I followed the directions for Funginix. The results have been dramatic. The nail on my left foot big toe is clear, pinkish and 100 percent healthy looking. It looks as healthy as the toe nail on my right foot. I am completely satisfied and highly impressed with the way this treatment has worked. I don’t polish my nails and now that’s summer’s here I’m not embarrassed about wearing open-toe shoes. : – )

2. Mandy resides in Washington

My use of Funginix has been limited to the past four weeks, and I have been following the instructions to the letter. My nail infection is extremely severe, but I can see a definite improvement in the nails on my toes.

For more than four years a nail fungus affected Mandy. After trying several products, just four weeks later she began to notice a marked improvement in the condition of her nails.

The response toward this holistic approach to treatment, from each test subject, was positive and we have a large number of consumer success stories on file. Each touting how Funginix didn’t just improve their condition, it cleared the fungus permanently.

For additional information regarding Funginix go here:

Where to Buy Funginix

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Funginix Review

Please be informed that this page contains a review of Funginix product only. To visit the official site, Click Here for Funginix Product Description.

Funginix Review As it has been mentioned earlier no nail fungus solution can offer you an instant result, therefore, Funginix can not promise you a fast relief either. However, if you intend to use this toenail fungus home remedy regularly for a period of up to 6 months than this is the solution that will bring you back beautiful clean and fungus-free nails.

According to multiple Funginix reviews, users start to see the first results in the first two weeks to a couple of months after the initial application. This period is determined by the severity of toenail fungus. So, the longer your nail has been infected for the longer time needed to clear it up.

Funginix is produced by Sisquoc Healthcare Corporation that offers a range of health and beauty products, which are backed up by 100% money back guarantee that lets you return the product within 60 days.

Active ingredient

Undecylenic Acid is the only active ingredient in Funginix which has been thoroughly selected to ensure the best treatment of toenail fungus. None of other treatments was tested to this extent. The Acid works throughout the nail, its surface and nail bed, including surrounding skin area to ensure that the fungus is eradicated.

Funginix recommended for use to people with crumbly and thick or yellow colored nails because of fungi bacteria inside them. All Funginix ingredients are part of patented mixture which prevents competition from replicating its formula.

Ease of use

Unlike Claripro and ZetaClear Funginix comes only in form of a topical solution which means that it is free of side effects which can be caused by oral medications. Topical treatment is the safest way to remedy toenail fungus which carries no negative effects on your liver or any other organs as some medications do.

Application of Funginix is relatively simple, as normally the fungi is so difficult to target for other products that it requires them to use complex solutions. The toe nail fungus home remedy includes a special brush that you should use to apply the product to the affected nail and skin which must be clean and dry. This also reduces the chances of infecting other parts of your body with fungus. Use a cotton wool swab to treat cuticles surrounding the nail. Such process should be repeated twice daily for the best results. Remember to wash your hands after contacting the fungi infected area. Wait for Funginix to completely dry out before covering your nails with socks, shoes or putting gloves on.

It’s not uncommon to see Funginix review from happy customers who have tried other products without success before discovering this toe nail fungus remedy which can easily be applied at home. Some of them saw positive results with other treatments, but only Funginix could totally eliminate the fungus from the nail and prevent the infection from reoccurring even if you had fungus for years.

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Claripro Review

Please be note that this article presents a review of Claripro product only. To visit site, Click Here for Clari Pro Product Website.

Claripro Review The Claripro toenail fungus treatment is manufactured in the United States by Pacific Naturals, a health company renowned for its production of high quality natural supplements. The company is also member of The Natural Products Association.

Just like ZetaClear Claripro treatment consists of two stages that should be applied in order to get a successful result: Claripro topical product and Claripro oral solution both of which treat nail fungal infection. This two state treatment is created to provide you with the most effective system. Use homeopathic oral spray in combination with topical nail treatment as recommended.

Because Claripro topical and oral toenail fungus treatments are based on 100% natural ingredients and have no artificial additives whatsoever, the product comes with no side effects. This is important for many users since they are not risking their health by choosing Claripro to treat toenail fungus.

Most users of the treatment post flattering results in their positive Claripro reviews and comments with the main highlight of them all of them being beautiful and healthy-looking nails that they get just after a few weeks of using it.

Claripro Guarantee

Such positive feedback lets the manufacturers of Claripro to be confident in the effectiveness of their product enought to offer a 60-days money-back guarantee with each purchase. This guarantee allows everyone who purchased the product and didn’t like it due to ineffectiveness, which is yet to happen, or for any other reason to return it for a full refund during a 60-days period counting from the date of the purchase.

The amount of product contained in one package will last you for a month. This time frame is enough to cure mild fungal infections. A longer course is required in severe cases.

There is only one way to confirm the claims of this of Claripro review about its effects on your toenail fungus and that is to try it personally. The only risk will be taken this way is the risk of eliminating your nail fungus completely. Remember, the healing process spans within several weeks as an old nail needs to come off to give way to a new nail which will come out clean of the infection. The product is deliberately priced low to make it available for everyone who has toe nail fungus.

Claripro users’ reviews:

Claripro will work to permanently get rid of toenail fungus. The way to get rid of toenail fungus is to attack the problem that is causing the fungus infection also known as the root cause.

Just like anything else once you kill the source of the trouble you will get rid of the problem and all of it’s symptoms.

How ever if you do nothing about it then you will just give your fungus a chance to become more severe and it will more than likely start to spread to your other toenails and therefore become much harder to get rid of.

Taken from Yahoo Answers

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ZetaClear Review

Please be advised that this is a review of ZetaClear product only. To visit the official site, Click Here for Zeta Clear Product Page.

ZetaClear Review Many Zeta Clear reviews online simply state that this is the best toenail fungus cure available on the market. However, nobody gives the reasoning what makes it this good. ZetaClear is an affective toenail fungus home remedy that helps cure fungal infected nails and skin around them. The treatment combat bacteria that supports growth of the fungal infection. Users of this treatment have stated that they saw positive results while using it.

Apart from its effectiveness, this treatment also present one of the safest ways to eradicate fungal infection of the nails. ZetaClear is based on 100% natural ingredients, which come from oils and very safe.

ZetaClear provides both oral and topical toe nail fungus cure which decreases the chances of the reoccurring infection. It applies a two way attack on the infection, one of which helps to get rid of the nail fungus while the other aims at strengthening your immune system to ensure that the fungi does not return.

Apart from its core purpose of helping you treatment of toenail fungus, ZetaClear has a range of other benefits for your body. A number of ZetaClear reviews repeatedly mention its moisturizing qualities for the skin, the nail and the cuticle. It also helps to reduce the yellowness of the nail and carries no known side effects.

ZetaClear is sold without prescription. Therefore, it is freely available at chemist’s and online shops.

Whilst this ZetaClear review suggests that this treatment is for everyone, a differentiation should be made. ZetaClear can treat effectively all kinds of toenail fungus. However, the time it takes to cure the infection completely may vary from human to human. This depends on the severity of the infection a person has.

ZetaClear is a powerful solution to cure toenail fungus and the surrounding skin. The verdict is: ZetaClear gives you the best chances at getting rid of nail infection troubles.

Zeta Clear company has been around for years during which it gained good reputation among those who used it.

Read unbiased testimonials about this product provided by Yahoo visitors in the link below. Plus watch a slightly shocking video to see if you are committed enough to undertake such unpleasant procedure of removing the old nail which is required before using ZetaClear solution.

ZetaClear users’ reviews -

Personally, I’ve tried a lot of different stuff over the years. I had dealt with the combo nail fungus and athletes foot for almost 20 years. One “free” thing that did help a lot was vinegar. I would soak my feet for about half an hour a day in the vinegar baths.

It didn’t help much with the nail fungus but it completely stopped the athlete’s foot that I was also suffering from.

In the end what finally fixed my long term problem with nail fungus was Zeta Clear.

Taken from Yahoo Answers.

Watch before buying ZetaClear as the old nail needs to go -

Order ZetaClear With 50% Bulk Discount Now!

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